Our Lady of Perpetual Starch

A large sculpture shown at the Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University in April 2002. It was begun in January 2001 and features a working 6-foot-tall steam iron towering over a full-size flattened woman.
See Best of Show of the Master of Fine Arts 2003 Summer Exhibition. ASU Insight article  about the award.
To see the work in its progress: photos.
The artist and viewers Steaming every 30 minutes  

Barb and Nathan

The original sketch, January, 2001
Face Closeup Logo on iron base
The Process
Aligning the plates Gluing the water shute Assembling the Ark Putting other parts together
Sanding, sanding, sanding Making the wire Sanding the hotplate Final prep b/4 painting hotplate
Gluing the handle Carving the handle Making the plug and outlet Making wood connector for electric wire
Rasping the handle smooth Assembling handle and electric cord base Attaching the skin to fit Installing the on/off light
A shot of the infrastructure for my friend George Rhoades The Inner Skin is complete! Assembled It'll look something like this

Removing the fine line blue masking material after painting  At last...a truly metalic looking electric plate! Planning for carving the hands Lady's hands and the model
Detailing the face Lady is together Two ladies primed and ready to paint Two days before exhibit date
The day before the show The final assembly THE FIRST SHOW...at Harry Wood Gallery, May 2002  

Trimming the iron platform for the MFA Summer Exhibition 2003

SEE: Best of Show judged by Brady Roberts, curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Phoenix Art Museum. SEE: ASU Insight, July 11, 2003 about the award. Home