Open 24 hrs, Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition
November 2004, Harry Wood Gallery
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


Open 24 hrs

 Consumption is part of the fundamental definition of life.
In order to survive, grow and reproduce,
living beings must
and store
mass or energy in one form or another.
In today’s culture
buying and selling
have replaced hunting and gathering
as the primary ways for us
to fulfill our consumptive needs.
We sell our services/labor in the form of work
in order to buy food, shelter and other nutrients/products.
As an artist I’ve chosen candy as a metaphor
for those sought-after products,
and I  invite art viewers to join me
on a visual and intellectual exploration
of consumption and the symbiotic relationship
that has evolved between
those who supply
and those who consume.
Barbara L. Oates